Alex Ray

The artist, and the music

By the mid 1980's, Country Music had largely evolved away from singing cowboys, and 'Old Troubadours,' toward a younger, fresher look, more commercialized, and with a wider variety of sound and appeal. Coming onto the music scene in the late 80's, Alex gravitated toward those Country artists with a 'Rock' edge, including bands like Restless Heart, and Southern Pacific. 

Starting as a stage hand for a regional Country band in Southern California, Alex was later asked to join as a member. Learning on the fly, he continuously worked on honing his abilities with the microphone, and guitar. Alex was later introduced to the art of recording, when the band entered the studio to create demos.  Calling on those experiences, Alex began recording his originals again in the 10's, with the aid of modern digital platforms. All his past influences are embodied in each, and every song he creates.